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  • Summer Mornings, Simple Pleasures

    Another simple summer pleasure is what I have termed “Basil Toast” or “Dill Toast.” Along with a cup of tea, it is a perfect way to start my day. What is Basil Toast or Dill Toast you ask? Well, let me tell you.
  • The Art of Easy Cheesemaking: Curds and Whey

    The start of cheesemaking for the New Year. With history of cheesemaking in our household for both families, it seems to be the only thing to do on a cold January day! ⁠

    I received a lot of questions and IMs about the cheesemaking process I shared recently. . .so I wanted to give a quick overview of "how" for those interesting in trying this at home.⁠

    Ingredients: Whole milk or half & half (approximately a quart) + apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice)⁠

    Tools: Pan, wooden spoon, cheese cloth, thermometer and cheese cloth
  • Are we ready for some football!!

    This household was super excited to get back a little bit of normal and watch some football on Sundays! As soon as the Monday Night football theme ...
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for pizza?

    OK so that’s really not the correct saying but everyone loves pizza, right?  It’s really a basic recipe that can be made into so many different combinations and used for a variety of meals.
  • A Welcome to Kitch Ann, The Recipe Explorer

    Once the chicken is done cooking, generously spoon the hot honey sauce over each piece of chicken and serve immediately. We have paired this with sautéed corn or with mashed potatoes or with a large salad. All three combinations have been successful.
  • A Walk on the Wild Side with Pesto Potato Salad

    Tonight’s creation is a twist on an old standby. Although it’s hardly picnic season here in Wisconsin, we decided to continue our tribute to basil by using some of our homemade pesto to reinvent one of our favorite side dishes, potato salad.
  • Hot Soup from the Summer Garden in Cold Winter

    We continue our winter pesto cooking journey! Tonight we are making delicious tomato soup from our garden ingredients. During the summer, our cousin Sharon from Canada showed us a quick and easy way to preserve tomatoes for the winter. 
  • Salmon and Pesto with a Twist

    There is nothing better than listening and learning directly from a master.  In this case, the master was chef Lidia Bastianich who was in Milwaukee for an event at the Pabst Theater. 
  • The Many Faces of Pesto

    It’s amazing how quickly you forget the bounty of your summer garden in the middle of January.  That is until you open your freezer to find a stack of frozen containers of green gold; the pesto you made in August and squirreled away for just such a time.