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  • The Importance of Being a Lackadaisical Gardener

    Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Of this I am reminded every morning when I take my dog for a walk or spend time in my garden. And one way I often complicate my life is overthinking what needs to be done in my garden, especially with care and maintenance. Luckily, I’ve become an advocate of a messy garden, especially in the fall when there is a rush to ‘clean up the garden’. I’ve now taken a more lackadaisical approach, which if you have received my emails or followed me on social media you already know this to be the case.
  • Autumn Rituals for the Gardener

    Every gardener understands that fall means asters. I know I should stake my asters, but I seem to forget during the summer and suddenly autumn is upon us, the asters are in bloom, and they simply fall over in a cascade of blooms. Asters are so important to pollinators who are busy preparing to gather for food for the long, frigid winter. If you have room in your garden and want to help our much-needed pollinator population, consider adding these flowers to your repertoire.
  • Bloom Where You are Planted

    The fall garden never ceases to amaze me!
  • Vintage Linens, A Joy You can Share while Making an Impact

    As a creative, and a dedicated up cycler, I have newfound appreciation for vintage linens. Vintage linens have handmade features you simply can't find in mass produced bedding. They were constructed at a time when quality was important as individuals and families valued their bedding as long-term heirlooms to be cherished, whether a gift, as part of a dowery, or homemade. With holidays approaching, I'm already hunting for gifts for like-minded friends and family. The uniqueness of heirloom linens can make a special gift for those who appreciate them.
  • Orchid Rescue Update: The Circle of Life

    So, my rescue of the mini phal was short lived. It enjoyed, what I imagine, a good life with my other orchids once it came home from the grocery store. I guess life is like that. Enjoy every minute because you never know when some will over-water your pot.
  • Orchid Rescue! (Mini Phalaenopsis)

    I am starting the morning with some hot water in the kettle for my tea, a bit of breakfast and the enjoyment of a blooming mini Phalaenopsis orchid...
  • Vintage-Style Greenhouses and Terra Cotta Pots

    As most know, when spring hits here in Wisconsin, my attention turns from the art studio to the garden. The garden becomes my palette, my paint, an...
  • A New Life for a Discarded, Found Chair

    Y'all might remember my recent posts about upcycling the chair I found in the dumpster. Well here’s the upcycled result. With the warmer weather th...
  • Love the “Work in Progress” Called You

    Appreciate and savor the work in progress you are.
  • Learning the Difference between Lost and Wander

    Have you explored the difference between lost and wander?
  • Show Yourself the Compassion You Show Others

    Self-Care Reminder: Show yourself the compassion you show others. In the pace of the day-to-day, we are often focused outside of ourselves and miss the necessary inward connection.
  • I’m in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

    Recently I’ve come to understand the importance of knowing this phrase. It seems so simple yet also so full of wisdom. It’s an affirmation that Louise Hay put forth. In our modern life, we question all parts of the phrase. Am I doing the right thing? Doing enough? Am I in the place? And time? Time is a constant craziness in the modern world.