About RH Zondag

About the Artist

RH Zondag works in mixed media with an emphasis on acrylic, watercolor, collage and print making. Upcycling is an important elements of his work. He seeks simplicity in his compositions that convey both meaning and expression.  He finds inspiration from his garden as well as the woods and fields that surround his home–whatever the season. His work is featured in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Upcycled Art – Creativity Meets Sustainability

What is Upcycled Art? Upcycled art is essentially the practice of repurposing discarded or previously used materials to turn it from something that is unwanted to a creative piece of art.

If you have you ever thought of how you can be more creative with your sustainable practices, then upcycled art is something you should include in your quest for living more sustainably. From reusing vintage paper for the creation of collage art, repurposing a used canvas or reusing scrap fabrics, upcycling art is a unique practice that motivates me.

Why is upcycling is important to me? Aside from the fact that upcycled art is a form of recycling that reduces the amount of waste that ends up as pollution in our world’s oceans and green spaces, it also forces me to think about my composition and how I approach a piece of art.


My Mantra

"I use my creativity to change the world in genuine and magic ways; inviting others to see the beauty in the small, subtle and often overlooked things."