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  • Vintage-Style Greenhouses and Terra Cotta Pots

    As most know, when spring hits here in Wisconsin, my attention turns from the art studio to the garden. The garden becomes my palette, my paint, an...
  • Summer Mornings, Simple Pleasures

    Another simple summer pleasure is what I have termed “Basil Toast” or “Dill Toast.” Along with a cup of tea, it is a perfect way to start my day. What is Basil Toast or Dill Toast you ask? Well, let me tell you.
  • Art of Gardening, Winter Reflections

    If I am willing to admit it, winter has become a respite for me in some respects. There is no pressure to wake up first thing and go to the garden. I can lollygag in my pajamas with a cup of tea and “Instagram.” I can appreciate what the garden brings without the need to fix, mind or tend. I can enjoy the memory. I can find new inspiration.
  • Homestead in Summer

    Who knows the secrets of a homestead in summer but its owner?
    I know where the blackberries grow.
    Under the pines; and when they will be ripe.
    Oh to be eaten by mosquitoes in July picking tonight's dessert. Just a bowl or two. With honey and walnuts. Enough but not plenty.
  • Unexpected Herbal Teas from in and around the Garden

    One of the great joys of gardening is herbs.  They are easy to grow and if you read my earlier post, drying them for use in cooking or teas is uncomplicated.  I like to dry enough herbs to have a supply on hand to sustain our household through the long Wisconsin winter.  One of the best uses of the herbs is tea.  There is nothing like a hot cup of tea from your own dried herbs on a cold winter night.  And if you study the medicinal qualities of various herbs, you can use them to relieve ailments and symptoms.  For me, herbs can also include plants that some consider weeds. 
  • Winter Herbs

    Winter is the time we reminisce about the garden, especially in January. It’s this time of year, I am glad for my stash of dried herbs. Herbs that I’ve managed to quickly and easily store for cooking and herbal teas. The benefits are myriad, and the time spent collecting is easy.