Vintage-Style Greenhouses and Terra Cotta Pots

Vintage-Style Greenhouses and Terra Cotta Pots

As most know, when spring hits here in Wisconsin, my attention turns from the art studio to the garden. The garden becomes my palette, my paint, and my studio.

This weekend I was able to start some seeds in pots using my vintage-style, glass greenhouse. I've had the miniature greenhouse for years and finally got around to water sealing it so I could use it outside for seed starting. Without sealing, I'm sure it would go to ruin with the rain. The greenhouse is just the right size to place on the table on the patio. It's filled with small terra cotta pots.

I'm also a fanatic about terra cotta pots with patina, all sizes, all shapes, even broken ones that have been repaired. I find the smaller terra cotta pots are the perfect size for seed starting, both in this greenhouse, and inside, by the windowsill.

And what seeds am I starting? At the moment, basil (two types), parsley, zinnias, nasturtium and alyssum. With, of course, more to follow as spring progresses.

My Vintage-Style, Miniature Greenhouse
Small Terra Cotta Pots and Containers on the Windowsill for Seed Starting

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