Autumn Rituals for the Gardener

Autumn Rituals for the Gardener

Autumn Rituals for the Gardener

I hesitated to get rid of all my flowerpots however it was time. The last of the warm weekends. And the last of the summer beauties. I spent Saturday cleaning up the garden and emptying the flowerpots I had tended since early spring. Although most of the flowerpots were spent, I could not bring myself to empty this one last pot full of blooms into the compost bin. I will save it for another, colder day. The emptying of the pots is an autumn ritual. For those who garden, I save my soil in large garbage cans to re-use next year. I add a bit of fertilizer and compost to each garbage can in preparation for next spring.

Who else saves their potting soil to reuse?

The Last of Summer Flowerpots

I also had several garden visitors while I was “cleaning up.” One was a toad that I accidently emptied into the soil bin (rescued and placed back in the garden to find a new hibernation spot). The second garden visitor was resting on the garden gate. He or she looked like she had a bit of frost bite on the end of its body but was still moving around and was gone the next time I walked through the garden gate. I am not sure the exact insect, but it was certainly interesting. And it cemented by notion that the fall garden is always as interesting as summer.

An Autumn Visitor to the Garden - A Unique Insect


Every gardener understands that fall means asters. I know I should stake my asters, but I seem to forget during the summer and suddenly autumn is upon us, the asters are in bloom, and they simply fall over in a cascade of blooms. Asters are so important to pollinators who are busy preparing to gather for food for the long, frigid winter. If you have room in your garden and want to help our much-needed pollinator population, consider adding these flowers to your repertoire.

Do you have asters in your garden?

Asters, an Important Part of the Autumn Garden for Pollinators

Messy Garden

I do not do too much clean up in my garden. I leave the seed pods for the birds, the foliage to ensure that I do not disturb beneficial insect eggs, and most plants to decompose, adding nutrients to the soil. A messy garden is important to garden health. It also means I have time for other autumn fun.

Happy gardening!

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