Bloom Where You are Planted

Bloom Where You are Planted

The fall garden never ceases to amaze me! Last year I had planted some 'tender bulbs' in large pots at the start of the season. I had always wanted to try these types of bulbs that will not last over winter in my plant zone but are supposed to provide gorgeous blooms (per the package). Most of the bulbs didn't bloom at all that year. The leaves came up and I waited and waited for some flowers. As a gardener, you are always experimenting, and I chalked this up to a failed experiment.

I reluctantly saved some of them from the compost pile during fall clean up. Gardeners and green thumbs are empaths at heart and rarely want to give up on any plant until the bitter end. So, I literally just placed these bulbs in the garage with some other random bulbs that I 'was saving' in a random, unprotected clay pot. When spring came around this year, I ran out of time to do anything with the saved bulbs, so I threw them into the one of the brush piles along our lot line to compost.

As you can see from the photos, I guess it was the right spot for these bulbs. They are now blooming in late September.

Moral of the story: Bloom where you are planted. So true.

P.S. I can't even remember the name of this flower bulb! Can anyone remind me? Leave me a comment.

The fall garden never disappoints. An unexpected flower blooms.
An unexpected bloom in the fall garden.

The fall garden. An unexpected bloom delights.

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