Friends, Community & Musings

  • Orchid Rescue Update: The Circle of Life

    So, my rescue of the mini phal was short lived. It enjoyed, what I imagine, a good life with my other orchids once it came home from the grocery store. I guess life is like that. Enjoy every minute because you never know when some will over-water your pot.
  • Infrastructures to Support Your Choice to Feel Good about Yourself

    "I choose to feel good about myself each day. Every morning I remind myself that I can make the choice to feel good. This is a new habit for me to cultivate." Another delicious piece of wisdom by Ms. Hay. With choice comes the necessity for us to put in place the infrastructures in our lives to keep the cultivation going.
  • The Art of Easy Cheesemaking: Curds and Whey

    The start of cheesemaking for the New Year. With history of cheesemaking in our household for both families, it seems to be the only thing to do on a cold January day! ⁠

    I received a lot of questions and IMs about the cheesemaking process I shared recently. . .so I wanted to give a quick overview of "how" for those interesting in trying this at home.⁠

    Ingredients: Whole milk or half & half (approximately a quart) + apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice)⁠

    Tools: Pan, wooden spoon, cheese cloth, thermometer and cheese cloth
  • When do you pack up Christmas decorations?

    Another sign that we are in the heart of January. . .time to organize and put away the holiday decorations. And a Sunday morning in January is the perfect time to put Christmas away and get your it ready for next year.⁠
  • Still a Thrill

    Yesterday, I received a call from Thea, one of my art mentors. A relief print that I had in a local artist show sold, twice. Inadvertently the same print was sold to two separate buyers. 
  • Webmaster .0000001

    I am quickly learning that there is a group of extremely talented individuals called web designers that make the internet look fabulous. The other term that I now know applies is webmasters
  • A Hearty Welcome

    As my life as changed so has my art.  In redesigning a new website, I’ve been able to examine the body of artwork I call a portfolio. . .the good, the bad and the ugly.  Some evoke specific times or places, others bring nothing to mind.  So take a look, meander and enjoy.  Leave a comment. . .or not. . .