Webmaster .0000001

Webmaster .0000001


I am quickly learning that there is a group of extremely talented individuals called web designers that make the internet look fabulous. The other term that I now know applies is webmasters.

As I work through the process of organizing my website, I have discovered that this takes skill, logic, and creativity. I would not begin to tell someone I “designed” the site. Luckily for me, I have Skip at Comstar who was able to walk me through the myriad of choices and options. He helped narrow down styles, colors, and functionality.

My new website has been a great experience on several fronts. One, it allows me to see how my website is constructed and how it functions. Two, I am beginning to see that my website should be a living, breathing, interactive form of communication, especially given the investment of time or money. Third, my new website is affording me the opportunity to review my artwork from the past decade or longer. What art should I display? What should I say about my art? What patterns emerge in my pieces? What pieces have I been saving that can be tossed? (Believe me, there is a lot that should be tossed!)

A new website. The discovery is the process is far more interesting than the product. Just like creating a new work of art!

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