Stonecrop AKA Sedum


Good old reliable sedum or it’s old fashioned name. . .stonecrop. You recognize this succulent in the garden. It’s often the last plant remaining from a home’s once-cherished landscaping. It will survive utter lack of any love or care from even the worst of caregivers.

Yet for us gardeners, it’s a very useful plant to have. Why?

• Sedum comes in a wide variety of choices. Most commonly we see the upright variety which forms in tall clumps and blooms in the fall in pink tones. You will also find low-growing, spreading varieties in the rock garden.
• It’s perfect to plant in hard to grow spaces; even in poor quality soil where sedum is most at home. Too rich of soil and sedum can become gangly.
• It’s a hassle free plant that requires little care. Once established, it can easily be divided to transplant in other parts of the garden or to share with friends. In my garden, it reseeds itself often.
• Sedum is one of those drought resistant plants. When the heat of summer is upon us, I have never had to water my sedum plants.
• They make great row plantings along a path or sidewalk—the upright variety fills in nicely to fit such a space.
• If you have deer, this is a plant for you. . .living in the country, I have yet to have deer touch my sedum.
• Beneficial bugs—as many varieties are late-summer or fall-blooming, these flowers are just what is needed for bees and butterflies at that time of season.

Give sedum a try in your garden this spring or summer. You won’t be disappointed.

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