May You Live

May You Live

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to progress, it moves from a news story into a very personal experience.  Chaos builds. It enters all aspects of your life, even those little things you don't realize are being affected until, well, they are.  For me it was today. My beautiful art group, Momentum, was cancelled this month.  Momentum is a group of artists who come together under the curation of it's perceptive, astute founder Thea.  We meet monthly.  We put together art shows.  (April's art show is also cancelled due to the pandemic.) We support each other.  We provide guidance and critique of the art we present.   We share laughs and friendship.

Cancelling the meeting is the right thing to do.  Although disappointing, the cancellation was profound.  It makes you realize that little things matter.  Your tribe matters.  Day-to-day matters. Profoundly.  You only realize it when something comes along to pause it.

We were sharing emails to everyone in the group.  I wanted to share mine.  I think it applies to our current lives. 

My Dearest Art Tribe-

There is a curse attributed to the Chinese which says “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we are living in interesting times, times of uncertainty; but they also can be the most creative of any time we have available to us. We just need to allow them to be. As Louise Hay, one of my favorite authors, states "The point of power is always in the present moment." Let us all live this now.

Sending you wishes for health and kindness during the demanding days.



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