Tan Memory Foam Slippers

Tan Memory Foam Slippers

It has been long and tiring week.  A week of full of change with many ups and downs.  It is also February in Wisconsin which means the winter cold and blahs are here.  If you live anywhere where winter descends upon inhabitants, you understand what I mean when I say the "blahs." It's not that I am upset it's winter.  I love the quiet of winter.  I love the snow.  It's just that the holidays are done and spring is just a little too far away for any sort of comfort.  By the middle of February, I am ready for a change in season.

We had already decided that we would avoid a Friday fish fry, forego take out and simply watch a movie at home on the couch. A blanket, maybe some popcorn, and of course pajamas. So I go upstairs to change.  In opening the closet, I remember that I had brand new, still in the box, slippers that I had purchased a year or two ago.  Wouldn't tonight be the right night to enjoy a new pair of slippers?  The box stated the promise of memory foam and a plush lining.  Perfect for a cold February evening.  I had purchased the slippers in the clearance section.  They had been an impulse purchase at the right, no make that a great price. (Dirt cheap.) In the summer, I think I bought them.  (I don't honestly remember.) Into the closet they went. And they've stayed in the box ever since, in the closet with all my other shoes.  I'm not quite sure why I've never opened them before.  Like so many other purchases they have gone unnoticed.  In today's throw away economy, I find that many of my purchases are like this.  I don't really need the particular item but it's on sale, or it's on clearance.  So I toss it into my shopping cart.  I always can use it, especially when whatever I already own of it wears out. (At least that's my reasoning.)

So here I am now, about to enjoy my beautiful bargain slippers. I try them on.  It's that moment of new anticipation.  And what do you know? They're not quite the right size.  And frankly, not that comfortable.  Sure, the box says men's medium for sizes 9 to 11, however clearly these are not made for any adult who is actually in this size range. I walk around the bedroom just to be sure they are not the right size.  (They're not.)

Then comes the debate in my mind.  Well, I'll just wear them for a while.  See if they fit better.  (They don't.)  I could use them for just my "inside slippers." (Not even sure what I mean by that.)  They aren't that loud as I walk.  (They are, since the soles are a hard plastic unlike any other slipper I've had.) I bought them, I should use them. (What?) It's not as if I can return them. (Definitely over thinking now. I don't have the receipt any more and I pretty sure it's past the return period.)

Disappointed I go downstairs still wearing the slippers but ultimately knowing they will need to go in the donation box like so many other impulse purchases.  I know this is the case.  When I purchase something on impulse or isn't on my list of needs, it rarely gets used.  It's never a good deal whatever the price.  These slippers are a metaphor for other things in life.  It's like settling for anything, including acquaintances.  How often have I met someone who my gut clearly says this isn't someone to be friends with?  How often have I made compromises on behaviors that "aren't quite the right fit," especially when it's convenient.   In the shopping cart of life this is never a good thing.  How often have I settled for an outcome when I know I could have pushed for more?  Tried harder.  

As I take off the slippers and get ready to put them in the thrift store pile.  I also ask myself why I waited so long to use them.  Why do I wait?  Why save something for just the right moment instead of enjoying it now?  It's interesting how something like a pair of clearance slippers can trigger all this reflection and self examination.

I recently heard the expression that life happens on the periphery.  I think that's true.  It's in the everyday things we are reminded of life's truths.  It's at these moments, contemplating beige slippers, we often see things clearly, as they are.

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