Orchid Rescue! (Mini Phalaenopsis)

Orchid Rescue! (Mini Phalaenopsis)

I am starting the morning with some hot water in the kettle for my tea, a bit of breakfast and the enjoyment of a blooming mini Phalaenopsis orchid. I rescued this mini from the mark-down bin of neglected plants at the grocery store. The poor orchid was completely dehydrated. With a little water and a sprinkle of eggshell dust, this mini is back into bloom and a happy little orchid now.

[And for the record, in order to not overwhelm my home with plants (and orchids), I must diligently avoid garden center and grocery store plant clearance bins. I always tell myself “just one more won’t matter and this plant needs TLC. . .but that’s another blog entry!]

This reminds me to mention. Don't throw away those eggshells! Eggshells are a perfect fertilizer for your garden. And, if you bake them for about an hour on low heat in the oven, they are excellent plant food for your houseplants. My orchids thrive with a sprinkle of eggshell now and then. I also place a banana peel in my watering can to also provide nutrients.

Why add more to the landfill when you can use these items as free fertilizer?

Mini Phalaenopsis in Bloom
Eggshells make great fertilizer for your garden, houseplants or orchids!

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