Friends, Community & Musings

  • The Importance of Being a Lackadaisical Gardener

    Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Of this I am reminded
  • Autumn Rituals for the Gardener

    I hesitated to get rid of all my flowerpots however it was time. The last of the warm weekends. And the last of the summer beauties.
  • Bloom Where You are Planted

    The fall garden never ceases to amaze me! Last year I had planted some 'tender bulbs' in large pots at the start of the season.

  • Orchid Rescue! (Mini Phalaenopsis)

    I am starting the morning with some hot water in the kettle for my tea, a bit of breakfast and the enjoyment of a blooming mini Phalaenopsis orchid.
  • Vintage-Style Greenhouses and Terra Cotta Pots

    As most know, when spring hits here in Wisconsin, my attention turns from the art studio to the garden. 
  • A New Life for a Discarded, Found Chair

    Appreciate and savor the work in progress you are. Sometimes we take leaps and bounds forward.
  • Summer Mornings, Simple Pleasures

    Another simple summer pleasure is what I have termed “Basil Toast” or “Dill Toast.” Along with a cup of tea, it is a perfect way to start my day.
  • Ode to the Tulip

    Nothing shouts spring like a beautiful tulip! So many colors, so many shapes and sizes. I have been painting a canvas inspired by the spring garden.
  • Iris Borer

    If you’re like me and you don’t notice iris borer until mid-summer, you have more work on your hands. If you are seeing yellowed leaves and rot...
  • Art of Gardening, Winter Reflections

    If I am willing to admit it, winter has become a respite for me in some respects. There is no pressure to wake up first thing and go to the garden....
  • Messy Garden Club

    Everywhere I read online is talking about being a lazy gardener, a messy gardener. Why? It turns out this is good for your garden and the ecosystem!
  • Homestead in Summer

    Who knows the secrets of a homestead in summer but its owner? I know where the blackberries grow. Under the pines; and when they will be ripe.